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VoIP Is A Value-added Service Technology
Oct 31, 2016

VoIP is relatively cheap. This is because VoIP phone is just an application on the Internet. In essence, VoIP phones and e-mail, instant message, or a Web page is no different, they can be transmitted through Internet-connected machines. These machines can be a computer or wireless device, such as a mobile phone or handheld device, and so on.

Why do some VoIP services to collect the money, some are free? VoIP services are not only able to communicate VoIP users, but also phone calls and phone users, such as the use of traditional fixed-line network as well as users of wireless mobile networks. For this part of the call, VoIP service providers must fixed network operators and wireless carriers to pay call charges. This portion of the charge will go to the VoIP user's head. Calls between VoIP users on the Internet can be free of charge.

Using VoIP, which conditions are required? You first need to connect to the Internet, which is the most basic dial-up Internet access, can also be a better broadband service. Faster network connections, VoIP call quality is better. For example, high-speed broadband connections can make you a call while surfing. Secondly you need VoIP software. Users can choose to install a VoIP software to your desktop computer or laptop. So the computer can make online calls. If users want to use their home phones into VoIP dialing system, he needs an adapter's help. VoIP software can be pre-installed on a separately titled "analog telephone adaptor" (analog telephone adapter) of hardware devices, analog telephone adapter installation home phone and broadband modem.

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