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Why Are SIMs Blocked
Dec 20, 2016

A lot of clients now are complaining about the blocking issues. First, you may know why the Operator blocks you frequently? Second, what are the rules for the blocking? Third, how can we reduce it, even avoid it? There are some rules I have found out for you.


ONE:Operator detects you SIM cards are abnormal. The explain is because the Operator affirms your SIM cards are not being used by a human, instead some certain devices.

Solution: On one hand, the SK gateways are designed with a function which copies a human’s behavior of using a SIM card and makes it look like a human is using it. On the other hand, the SK gateways also can copy a human’s behavior of sending SMS and making calls among the ports. All the functions can be set by the setting page of the SK gateways. Anyway, you can turn to our technical support.


TWO:Operator detects the calls of its continuous minute. Once the SIM cards reach a certain continuous minute, SIM cards block.

Solution: Our SK smart gateways can be inserted 4 SIM cards each port and support the SIM cards making calls circularly itself. For this advantage, you can set when 1 SIM card reaches a certain continuous minute, then goes to next SIM card to make calls. Also, we can set it sending SMS more frequently to reduce the blocking.


THREE:Operator detects if your SIM cards are making call according to the same base stations.

Solution: Normally, when people are making calls, our phones are searching for the best signal from the base stations and they will not always use the same base stations; they will move and change different base stations. According to this Operator’s blocking rules, our SK gateways can change different base stations to make calls, even if you’re making calls.


FOUR:Operator detects the IMEI No. of SIM cards and blocks it.

Solution: Our SK gateways can be set to change IMEI No. Automatically to avoid blocking issues.


Conclusion: If you know the Operator’s blocking rules very well, then you can set the matched function to avoid blocking mostly. If you know more blocking rules, please let me know, so we can work it out together and save your time and reduce your loss. Any other function settings, Please feel free to ask me. We have the strong technical team force to handle all your issues.

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